Displaying Segments

Display a summary of available segments—labels that point to one or more database devices—in your databases.

In the Administration Console, select and expand ASE Servers > Space Management > Segments.
You see a list of existing segments and their properties:
  • Name – the name of the database device.
  • Server – the name of the server in which the database device resides.
  • Database – the database in which the segment resides. This column includes both system-provided databases (such as model) and user-created databases.
  • Last Chance – whether a last-chance stored procedure such as sp_thresholdaction is added to the segment. See Managing Free Space with Thresholds in the System Administration Guide.
  • Size – displays the size of the database, in megabytes.
  • Used – displays the amount of memory used by the database, in megabytes.
  • Free – displays the amount of unused memory in the database.