Managing Cache Configurations

Change the size of your data cache.

  1. In the left pane of the Administration Console, expand Server > Space Management > Caches.
  2. Click the Name field of the cache, then click the drop-down arrow and select Properties.
  3. Click Configuration to see the information for your data cache.
  4. (Not available for in-memory storage caches) Choose whether the cache is stored as data and log pages, or only as log pages. You cannot change the type for default cache, which is configured for data and log pages.
  5. (Not available for in-memory storage caches) In the Currently configured field, specify the size of the data cache.
    Note: Current size indicates how much unused space remains in your specified data cache, while Available space shows the amount of additional memory available for all caches.

    Calculate Overhead allows you to see how much overhead you need to manage your data cache.

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