Creating a Cache

Create new data caches using SCC.

  1. In the left pane of the Administration Console, expand Server > Space Management > Caches.
  2. Select New.
  3. Fill out the appropriate information:
    • Introduction – select the server in which to create a cache.
    • (Optional; cluster environment only) Create this as a local cache – create the cache as a local cache, then select the online instance on which to create the cache.
    • Cache Name – enter the name of the cache to create.
    • Cache Size – enter the size of the new cache, which must be at least 512KB, but can be no larger than the unconfigured amount remaining on the server.

      (Optional) To determine if the server can manage the cache size, enter the size and click Calculate overhead. The wizard calculates the overhead necessary for the specified cache size.

    • Type of Cache – select one of:
      • Data and log pages
      • Only log pages
      • In-memory database – this option is available only on SAP ASE version 15.5 and later
  4. Click Summary to see the cache options you selected.
  5. (Optional) Click Preview to view the Transact-SQL syntax used to create the cache.
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