Developing an iOS Application

Generate Object API code for the iOS platform, develop a universal iOS device application with code, and test its functionality. The device application communicates with the database MBOs that are deployed to Unwired Server.

Complete these tasks:
  1. Install Sybase Mobile SDK and Runtime as indicated in Getting Started with Unwired Platform.
  2. Create the mobile business objects (MBOs) that you deploy to Unwired Server using one of these methods:
    • Complete Tutorial: Mobile Business Object Development, which provides the foundation tasks for this tutorial.
    • Download and import the completed example project if you want to bypass performing the MBO tutorial. The associated example project is available on SAPĀ® SDN:
  3. Open the SUP101 mobile application project. In WorkSpace Navigator, right-click the SUP101 folder and select Open in Diagram Editor.
  4. Be sure you are using the Advanced developer profile.
Note: This tutorial was developed using Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion), Xcode 4.3, and iOS SDK 5.1. If you use a different version of Xcode, some steps may vary. For more information on Xcode, refer to the Apple Developer Connection: