Configuring Unwired Server to Prepare for Connections Outside the Firewall

Configure the Relay Server in Sybase Control Center to create the number of Relay Server farms for your clusters: at minimum, you should use one farm for replication and one for messaging synchronization payloads.

  1. Install Relay Server on either an IIS or Apache Web server that host Relay Server as a Web proxy. See Installation Guide for Runtime for Relay Server installation and configuration information.
  2. Use Sybase Control Center to configure a Unwired Server cluster with farms, and nodes and their tokens, as needed, and with Relay Server connection information.
  3. Distribute connection information to development teams so clients can connect using this information. See Device Clients in the Security guide.
  4. Generate the Relay Server and Outbound Enabler configuration files from Sybase Control Center; distribute them as required. Ensure that farms for replication and messaging are configured accordingly. See Relay Server in Sybase Control Center online help.
  5. Use a test application to ensure the connection is successful. If not, use logs, monitoring, and trace files to determine the source of the potential problem. See Developer Guides for you application type for information on application development.
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