Relay Server Components Used in Unwired Platform

Relay Server operations include several executable components.

These components include:

Relay Server host (rshost.exe) – the host resides on the Relay Server. It is responsible for accepting a single, inbound connection from the Unwired Server outbound enabler; accepting multiple, inbound connections from Afaria clients; and handling the associated processes that occur on the relay server for Unwired Server sessions. Install the relay server with files that are bundled with the Unwired Platform product. You define its configuration settings using Sybase Control Center.

Relay Server outbound enabler (rsoe.exe) – the outbound enabler is the relay agent on the Unwired Server. It is responsible for initiating an outbound connection with the relay server, while sustaining a connection with the Unwired Server .An outbound enabler is installed automatically when you configure it from Sybas.e Control Center.

Unwired Platform clients must be configured to use corresponding connection settings for Relay Server but do not require a separate, executable component.

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