The Java Interface

Java in Adaptive Server now supports third-party JRE and JVM components such as J2SE.

Adaptive Server version 15.0.3 lets you plug in off-the-shelf Java Runtime environment (JRE) and JVM components, such as J2SE, to Adaptive Server. This Adaptive Server Java framework is called the pluggable component interface (PCI), which includes pluggable component adaptors (PCAs). Any JVM configured for Adaptive Server is called a “plug-in.”

The Adaptive Server Java framework allows you to build on the Java solution in Adaptive Server versions 15.0.2 and earlier without losing significant functionality. Any Java applications you developed using Adaptive Server versions earlier than 15.0.3 should run seamlessly with Java applications you create using the framework in versions 15.0.3 and later.

After you configure Adaptive Server to run with the PCI, you can include any standard JVM that supports Java 6 or later. This separates your Java applications from Adaptive Server, allowing you to change or upgrade your Java applications independent of Adaptive Server and to take advantage of new Java functionality as it becomes available.

See Java in Adaptive Server Enterprise for a complete description of the new Adaptive Server Java interface.