Reinstalling System Stored Procedures

Reinstall the system stored procedures after enabling high availability

  1. Disable HA in the primary server:
    sp_companion secondary-server-name, 'drop' 
    sp_configure 'enable HA', 0
  2. Disable HA in the secondary server:
    sp_configure 'enable HA', 0
  3. Restart the servers.
  4. Run the installmaster script on both servers.
  5. Enable the HA property on both servers:
    sp_configure 'enable HA', 1
  6. Restart both servers.
  7. Run the installhasvss script on both servers. This script is located in $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/scripts.
  8. Reestablish companionship:
    sp_companion [companion_server_name], configure 	[, with_proxydb]