Automatic LDAP User Authentication and Failback

The Adaptive Server housekeeping utility can automatically activate a failed LDAP server

Adaptive Server 15.0.3 provides support for a secondary LDAP server. Previously, after bringing a failed primary LDAP server online, it was necessary to activate the LDAP server manually, in order to authenticate new LDAP logins and move them to the primary LDAP server.

In versions 15.0.3 and later, a new chore has been added to Adaptive Server’s housekeeping utility to activate an LDAP server automatically: 'set_failback_interval'.

After you set the failback interval, the housekeeper task checks for failed LDAP servers each time it sweeps through its chores. When it finds a failed LDAP server, it attempts to activate the LDAP server when the failback time interval expires.