Configuration Parameters

Adaptive Server 15.0 introduces new and changed configuration parameters.

New configuration parameters



enable metrics capture

Enables Adaptive Server to capture metrics at the server level.

enable semantic partitioning

Enables semantic (hash-, list-, range-) partitioning of tables and indexes at a licensed site.

enable web services

Enables web services

enable xml

Enables the XML services

max native threads per engine

Defines the maximum number of native threads the server spawns per engine

max partition degree

Configures the amount of dynamic repartitioning Adaptive Server requires, which enables Adaptive Server to use horizontal parallelism

max resource granularity

Sets the maximum percentage of the system’s resources a query can use

number of devices

Specifies the number of database devices Adaptive Server can use

number of dump threads

Controls the number of threads that Adaptive Server spawns to perform a memory dump

number of open partitions

Specifies the number of partitions that Adaptive Server can access at one time.

optimization goal

Allows you to configure for three optimization goals, which you can specify at three tiers: server level, session level, and query level

optimization timeout limit

Specifies the amount of time Adaptive Server can spend optimizing a query as a percentage of the total time spent processing the query

rtm thread idle wait period

Defines the time a native thread used by Adaptive Server waits when it has no work to do

sysstatistics flush interval

Determines the length of the interval (in minutes) between flushes of sysstatistics

statement cache size

Increases the server allocation of procedure cache memory and limits the amount of memory from the procedure cache pool used for cached statements. The statement cache feature is enabled server-wide.

Changed configuration parameters



default network packet size

Previous versions of Adaptive Server used a default network packet size of 512. As of Adaptive Server version 15.0, the default network packet size is 2048.

See the Administration Guide: Volume 1.