SySAM License Management

The Sybase Software Asset Management (SySAM) implementation has changed.

The changes include:

These changes affect the Adaptive Server installation and configuration process. See the SySAM Configuration chapter of the Configuration Guide for details on SySAM configuration and deployment options. See the Adaptive Server Installation Guide for your platform on pre-installation planning and SySAM installation information.

Plan your SySAM deployment before installing Adaptive Server.

Warning!   SySAM provides for grace periods when it encounters licensing problems. When Adaptive Server enters such a grace period, the Adaptive Server error log is updated with this information. Optionally, e-mail notifications can be configured for such events. You must fix the problems causing Adaptive Server to go into grace. While Adaptive Server functions normally during this grace period, it may shutdown or disable the licensed features if the problem causing license failure is not fixed within the grace period.