Automatic Running of update statistics

Run the update statistics command automatically at times that suit your site.

Instead of manually running update statistics at a certain time, you can set update statistics to run automatically at the time that best suits your site, and avoid running it at times that hamper your system. The best time to run update statistics is based on the feedback from the datachange function. datachange also helps to ensure that you do not unnecessarily run update statistics. You can use these templates to determine the objects, schedules, priority, and datachange thresholds that trigger update statistics, which ensures that critical resources are used only when the query processor generates more efficient plans.

Because it is a resource intensive task, the decision to run update statistics should be based on a specific set of criteria. Some of the key parameters that can help you determine a good time to run update statistics are:

Datachange is a key metric that helps you measure the amount of altered data since you last ran update statistics, and is tracked by the datachange function. Using this metric and the criteria for resource availability, you can automate the process of running update statistics. The Job Scheduler provides the mechanism to automatically run update statistics. Job Scheduler includes a set of customizable templates that determine when update statistics should be run. These inputs include all parameters to update statistics, the datachange threshold values, and the time when to run update statistics.