New and changed functions in Adaptive Server 15.0.2

New functions
Function Description
authmec() Returns the authentication method used for a logged-in server process ID session.
index_name() Returns the name of an index, when you specify the ID of the index and the database, and the object on which the index is defined.
hashbytes() Produces a fixed-length, hash value expression.

Changed functions
Function Description of change
used_pages() In all-pages-locked tables with clustered indexes, used_pages()is now passed only the used pages in the data layer, for a value of indid = 0. When indid = 1 is passed, the used pages at the data layer and at the clustered index layer are returned.

When a function is created, Adaptive Server checks to see if it is a SQL UDF or a SQLJ UDF. If it is a SQLJ UDF, Adaptive Server checks for “sa” permissions. If it is a SQL function, Adaptive Server checks for create function privileges.