Changed commands in Adaptive Server 15.0.2

Changed commands
Command Description of change
disk init, disk reinit

Display a warning message if you attempt to create a block device on a platform that Sybase recommends that you not use block device.

Sybase recommends that you use block devices as a database device only on the HP-UX, Windows, and Linux platforms.

create proxy table, create table at remote server, and alter table. Do not support SQL UDF.
disk init, disk resize When skip_alloc is set to be true, it allows users to avoid initialization of pages with zeros. The default of skip_alloc is false. It is supported for devices created on non-Windows file systems and on Windows raw systems.
dump transaction dump transaction can now include string and char_variable parameters. However, you cannot supply string and char_variable options to execute begin transaction, commit, connect to, declare cursor, rollback, dbcc, use or nested execute commands.

See the Reference Manual: Commands.