Post-commit Optimization

Adaptive Server version 15.0.2 performs two scans of the log: the first scan looks for data page deallocation and unreserved pages, the second scan looks for log page deallocation. These scans are an internal optimization, transparent to users, and are performed automatically; you cannot switch the scans on or off.

Previous versions of Adaptive Server:

With post-commit optimization, Adaptive Server remembers the “next” log page (in the backward direction) containing these log records. During the post-commit phase, Adaptive Server moves to the “next” page requiring post-commit work after processing records from a page. In a concurrent environment, where many users log their transactions to syslogs at the same time, post-commit optimization can improve the performance of post commit operation by avoiding reads or scans of unnecessary log pages.

The optimization does not show up in any diagnostics.