Monitoring Table Changes

Adaptive Server version 15.7 SP100 includes new and changed monitoring tables.

New Monitoring Tables

Monitoring Table Description
monRepCoordinator Provides information on the RAT coordinator process when RAT runs in Multiple Scanner mode.
monRepSchemaCache Reports the schema cache information for each scanner running on a replication server.
monSysExecutionTime Provides execution time, in microseconds, of each operation performed.

Changed Monitoring Tables

Monitoring Table Description
monOpenObjectActivity Adds the columns NumLevel0Waiters and AvgLevel0WaitTime.
monRepLogActivity The MaxHashSchemaSize and NumberOfSchemasReused columns of the monRepLogActivity table have been removed.
monRepScanners The NumberOfTruncPointRequested and NumberOfTruncPointMoved columns are populated only when the single task scanning of a log model is used.
monRepSenders Adds these columns:
  • NumberOfTruncPointRequested
  • NumberOfTruncPointMoved
  • AvgTruncPointInterval
monSpinlockActivity Adds the SpinlockSlotID column
monState Adds these columns:
  • TableAccesses
  • IndexAccesses
  • ULCFlushes
  • ULCFlushFull
  • WorkTables
  • TempDBObjects
  • Rollbacks
  • Selects
  • Updates
  • Inserts
  • Deletes
  • Merges
  • ULCKBWritten
  • PagesRead
  • PagesWrite
  • PhysicalReads
  • PhysicalWrites
  • LogicalReads