System Tables

Adaptive Server 15.7 ESD #2 contains changed system tables.

Changed System Tables
System Table Column Added Description
  • object_cinfo2
  • object_datetime
  • Provides a character description for the object
  • Provides the date and time for the object
  • The SP object_type stores options related to RSA key-pair regeneration and LR object_type, which stores options related to login profiles
sysobjects type Adds the
  • RS – indicates a precomputed result set
  • PP – indicates the predicate of a privilege
  • pred_id
  • protstatus
  • Object ID of predicated privileg
  • One of:
    • PROT_PREDICATED – indicates that the privilege (or denial) is predicated
    • PROT_ROW_FILTER – indicates that the predicate is a where clause
Object ID of predicated privileg
The datatypes for these columns in these tables have changed from int to unsigned int:
Columns That Changed From in To unsigned int
Table Column
  • lstart
  • size
  • unreservedpgs
  • lstart
  • size
  • firstpage
  • rootpage
  • dataoampage
  • indoampage
  • leafcnt
  • pagecnt
  • emptypgcnt
  • warmcachepgcnt
  • unusedcnt
  • oampgct
syslocks page
syslogshold page
systhresholds free_space