Configuration Parameters

Adaptive Server 15.7 introduces new and changed configuration parameters.

New Configuration parameter Description
enable concurrent dump tran Enables or disables concurrent dumps.
enable predicated privileges Enables Adaptive Server to use predicated privileges
update statistics hashing Enables Adaptive Server to gather hash-based statistics.
enforce dump configuration Determines if Adaptive Server uses a dump configuration.
enable dump history Enables and disables updates to the dump history file at the end of database dump.
dump history filename Specifies the path of your dump history file.
enable plan sharing Use shared query plans.
enable async database init Ensures that all create database and alter database commands initialize databases asynchronously.
memory dump compression level Controls the compression level for shared memory dumps.
Adaptive Server version 15.7 ESD #2 changes the required role from system administrator to system security officer for these configuration parameters:
  • allow updates to system tables
  • SQL Perfmon Integration
  • syb_sendmsg port number