Fast-Logged Bulk Copy

Adaptive Server version 15.7 ESD #2 and later allows you to fully log bcp in fast mode, which provides faster data throughput and full data recovery. Earlier versions logged only page allocations.

Use the set logbulkcopy {on | off } command to configure fast-logged bcp for the session. You may include the set logbulkcopy {on | off } with the --initstring 'Transact-SQL_command' parameter, which sends Transact-SQL commands to Adaptive Server before transferring the data. For example, to enable logging when you transfer the titles.txt data into the pubs2..titles table, enter:
bcp pubs2..titles in titles.txt --initstring 'set logbulkcopy on'

You must enable select into/bulkcopy/pllsort on the database before issuing fast-logged bcp; otherwise, bcp uses slow mode.