The sybdiag Utility

Adaptive Server 15.7 adds the sybdiag utility, a Java-based tool that collects comprehensive Adaptive Server configuration and environment data. Sybase Technical Support uses this information to diagnose server issues, thus expediting customer cases.

sybdiag connects to an Adaptive Server and executes system procedures such as sp_configure and queries to tables like monLicense. It collects operating system and platform diagnostic information by executing commands such as ps, vmstat, and netstat.

sybdiag generates a .zip output file comprising HTML and data files that can be unzipped and viewed in a Web browser. The information collected includes operating system and environment data, Adaptive Server configuration and monitoring data, and Adaptive Server files and scripts.

sybdiag does not collect Adaptive Server or operating system data for logins, passwords, or user lists, and does not collect information from application database tables.

See the Utility Guide.