Configuration Parameters

Adaptive Server 15.7 introduces new configuration parameters.

Configuration parameter Description
automatic master key access Determines Adaptive Server operates in unattended startup mode
capture compression statistics Enables the monTableCompression monitoring table to begin capturing compression statistics
column default cache size

Determines the size of the cache that Adaptive Server must keep in memory to provide defaults for nonmaterialized columns

compression info pool size Determines the size of the memory pool used for compression
disable varbinary truncation

Controls whether Adaptive Server includes trailing zeros at the end of varbinary or binary null data

enable console logging Once enabled, Adaptive Server sends messages to the console separately from the error log after startup
enable functionality group

Enables or disables these features in Adaptive Server versions 15.7 and later:

  • Shareable inline defaults
  • Select for update
  • Quoted identifiers
  • Unicode noncharacters
  • Monitor cursor statements
  • Reduce query processing latency
enable hp posix async i/o

Enables asynchronous I/O on HP-UX 11.31 and later

kernel mode Determines the mode the Adaptive Server kernel uses, threaded or process
kernel resource memory Determines the size, in 2K pages, of the kernel resource memory pool from which all thread pools and other kernel resources are allocated memory
lock timeout pipe active

Controls whether Adaptive Server collects lock timeout messages

lock timeout pipe max messages

Determines the number of lock timeout messages Adaptive Server stores, and the amount of memory it allocates for the task

number of disk tasks Controls the number of tasks dedicated to polling and completing disk I/Os
number of network tasks Controls the number of tasks dedicated to polling and completing network I/Os

See the System Administration Guide: Volume 1