New and changed functions in Adaptive Server 15.5

New functions
Function Description
db_attr Returns the durability, dml_logging, and template settings for the specified database.
object_attr Reports the table’s current logging mode, depending on the session-specific, table-wide, and database-wide settings.
cache_usage Returns cache usage for the cache to which the specified object is bound, as the percentage of the cache which is currently in use by all objects bound to that cache.
current_bigdatetime Returns a bigdatetime value representing the current date and time with microsecond precision.
current_bigtime Returns a bigtime value representing the current time with microsecond precision.

Changed functions
Function Description
datepart Produces the specified datepart argument of the specified date as an integer.
datename Produces the specified datepart as a character string.
datediff Calculates the number of date parts between two specified dates or times.
dateadd Adds an interval to a specified date or time.

See the Reference Manual: Commands.