Backup Server Support for the IBM® Tivoli® Storage Manager

Adaptive Server 15.5 supports IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) for storage management services in partnership with Backup Server. Support for TSM is a licensed Adaptive Server feature.

The TSM is a third-party client/server program that provides storage management services to licensed users. The Adaptive Server Backup Server supports tape drives and disk files as backup media. TSM works with Backup Server to enable a greater variety of backup media. You can store Adaptive Server backups on any backup media supported by TSM.

Adaptive Server handles the dump and load of databases and transactions to and from TSM; TSM handles storage and retrieval from the storage media. TSM provides storage management services, but you can administer all your Adaptive Server backup and restore operations, including queries for backup objects and deletion of backup objects, from Backup Server.

When you execute the dump or load commands, Backup Server invokes the Sybase interface with the TSM API, which provides communication with the TSM. When you use the dump command, you specify an object name that is uniquely associated with the backup object. This object name is the same as the TSM object name, and should later be used to specify the same database or transaction dump for the load operation. In general, you can use the same options with the dump and load commands with TSM as you use with Backup Server when TSM is not configured.

Adaptive Server introduces these stored procedures to support the query and delete of backup objects from TSM:

See Using Backup Server with IBM Tivoli Storage Manager.