Known Issues for SAP® Adaptive Server® Enterprise

Known issues and workarounds for SAP Control Center for SAP® ASE.

Change Request Number Description
756290 Read-only databases are not displayed when listing databases and segments. This occurs even though the authentication user is a database user with mon_role.

Workaround: Reauthenticate the SAP ASE server to synchronize the alert tree with SAP ASE objects.


SAP Control Center cannot authenticate with the Unified Agent installed with version 15.5.x (Unified Agent 2.5) using the default password for earlier versions of the Unified Agent.

You see this error:
User 'uafadmin' failed to authenticate with server 'ASE155x' agent.
Login failed: No successful loginmodules. Please check credentials.

Workaround: Use the new default password, Sybase4me, to authenticate Unified Agent. SAP recommends that you change the default password immediately.


After you change the kernel mode and restart the SAP ASE server, the SAP Control Center monitor view may not update correctly, or may not correctly display that the kernel has been changed.

When you change the kernel mode from either threaded to process or process to threaded in the Configuration screen of SAP Control Center, and then restart the server, the monitor view may not update correctly or threads may still be displayed after changing to process mode.

Workaround: When you change the server kernel mode in ASE 15.7 or higher, you may need to complete the following steps to correctly display this resource in the monitor view.

  1. Close the monitor dialog view.
  2. Restart the Adaptive Server.
  3. Clear and reauthenticate the server.
  4. Open the monitor view for your resource.
618901 Authentication of Unified Agent for ASE 15.5 or earlier fails on Windows.
The attempt to authenticate the SAP Control Center with the Unified Agent managing an Adaptive Server fails when all these conditions are met:
  • The version is 15.5 or earlier.
  • SAP ASE is running on the Windows 32-bit or 64-bit platforms.
  • The Unified Agent is configured to use the NT login module.
  • You attempt to authenticate using the Windows login and password.

Workaround: Upgrade to ASE 15.5 ESD #1 or later.

With version 15.5, use the Simple Login Module of the Unified Agent to maintain a local list of logins and passwords for each Unified Agent installation. When you use the Simple Login Module, you must encrypt the password values using the passencrypt utility that is part of the Unified Agent installation.

616855 The allocation information about devices for an SAP ASE server that is configured to use the Chinese language and character set appears in Chinese rather than in English.

To see allocation information, select Databases in the Adaptive Server Enterprise Monitor, then click the Devices Used tab.

Workaround: None.

613300 Errors are reported on the SAP Control Center console if a managed SAP ASE resource is unavailable.
Workaround: To prevent repeating error messages:
  1. In the Perspective Resources view, select the server resource and click the drop-down arrow that appears to the right.
  2. Select Properties.
  3. Select Collection Jobs.
  4. Select all listed jobs.
  5. To suspend all collections on the server resource, click Suspend.
  6. To start collections when the server resource is available, click Resume.
596022 The Adaptive Server Enterprise Monitor screens for a cluster may not respond while a failover operation is occurring in the cluster.

Workaround: None.

589902 In some cases, SAP Control Center displays incorrect values for size and amount of space used by a segment in cluster configurations.

This affects the data and charts that appear on the Details tab of the Segments screen in the Adaptive Server Enterprise Monitor.

Workaround: None.