Supported Server Versions

Server versions that support managing and monitoring by SAP Control Center.

Managed Server or Agent Version
SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise

Non-clustered SAP ASE, monitoring and administration: 15.0.2 or later

Non-clustered SAP ASE, monitoring only RepAgent threads for SAP Control Center for Replication: 12.5.4 or later

SAP ASE Cluster Edition, monitoring and administration: 15.0.3 through version 16.0

Data Assurance

15.7.1 or later

Replication products

SAP Replication Server®: 12.6 or later

Replication Agent: 15.0 or later

Mirror Replication Agent: 15.0 or later

SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor 5.1 or later
SAP Sybase IQ

Monitoring: 15.3 or later

Administration: 15.3 or later