Choosing an Installer

The installer you use for SAP Control Center depends on your managed product.

To install SCC for... Use this installer
SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise SAP ASE
SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor
SAP Sybase IQ SAP Sybase IQ
Replication products

(SAP Replication Server, Replication Agent, Mirror Replication Agent, and Data Assurance)

SAP Control Center

The installers can install either the SCC server, also known as the management user interface, or the SCC remote command and control agent. To ensure that you install the SCC component you want, choose a custom installation and select installation options manually.

Even if you do not use the dedicated SCC installer, SAP recommends that you read the SAP Control Center Installation Guide because it contains important information on planning your SCC deployment, on upgrading SCC, and on installation options related to SCC.