Known Issues for Accessibility

Known issues and workarounds for accessibility in SAP Control Center.

Change Request Number Description

The NVDA screen reader reads the wrong data for rows in the Perspective Resources view.

Workaround: None.


Customized display settings not inherited during installation.

The following display customizations are not inherited by SCC installer dialogs:

  • Large user-selected fonts do not affect installer message font size, and the installer message font size remains the same.

  • Narrator screen-reader application announces wizard pages, headers, and typed characters, but does not announce any information within the windows, license agreements, or menus.

  • High-contrast and color settings affect installer messages, headers, menus, and buttons, but they do not affect the background color of the main wizard panes. Since the background color of wizard panes is not changed to high contrast mode, some messages on it are illegible.

Workaround: Install SCC using console mode.


In the Collection Job wizard, some keys take you out of the table of collections to the side pane.

Keys that move your focus away from the table of collections are Page Up, Page Down, Home, End, and arrow keys.

Workaround: Press the Tab key to revert focus to the table of collections.


You cannot gain focus from the keyboard to the right-click context menu to extend, resize, or add buffer pools on Adaptive Server views, screens, or tabs.

Workaround: Use the mouse to gain focus.


Changing the system fonts or font colors has no effect on SCC.

Workaround: None. This is an Adobe Flex issue.


Hover-over text for min, max, and resize controls in SCC windows is not announced by screen readers.

Workaround: None.


Chart contents are not announced by screen readers.

Workaround: Some charts have a Data tab that contains the chart data. This data cannot be read by screen readers.


Ctrl+ and Ctrl- do not affect font sizes.

Workaround: Use Ctrl-Alt + and Ctrl-Alt - to change font sizes.


You cannot gain focus on the min-max icons via the keyboard or from screen readers on Adaptive Server views or screens.

Workaround: Use the mouse to gain focus.


Installer UI: The magnifier utility does not follow focus changes when the keyboard is used.

The windows screen magnifier does not follow the Hot keys and Tab key focuses when navigating in the InstallAnywhere installation wizard.

Workaround: Use the mouse to gain magnifier focus.


You can tab through all windows, but the window with focus does not come to the front.

Workaround: Use View > Select > <window> to bring the window forward.


You cannot tab to the User Name field on the login screen with the Firefox browser.

Workaround: Use Internet Explorer.

562210 You cannot gain focus in certain sections of Adaptive Server client screens.

Workaround: None.