Product Summary

This release bulletin provides late-breaking information about SAP® Control Center (SCC). A more recent version may be available on the Web.

SAP Control Center 3.3 offers monitoring and administration capabilities for SAP database products.

In SCC 3.3, the name of the product changes to SAP Control Center. SCC 3.3 supports older product modules (Sybase® Control Center 3.2.x and earlier).

Because SCC 3.3 versions of some SCC product modules have not yet been released, you will continue to see references to the old product name, Sybase Control Center, in pre-3.3 product modules and in the documentation until all product modules are available at version 3.3.

For information on supported operating systems, see the SAP Control Center Installation Guide.

For information about new features in this version, see the new features topics in the online help for each SCC product module.

For information about accessibility, see SAP Control Center Accessibility Information in this release bulletin.