Installing in Unattended (Silent) Mode

To perform a silent or unattended installation, run the installer and provide a response file that contains your preferred installation configuration.

  1. (Windows) If you are installing in any version of Windows, log in using an account with administrative privileges.
  2. (Windows) If you are installing in Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2008, or Windows Server 2012, set the Run as Administrator option on the installer. You must do this even if you already have administrative privileges.
    1. Right-click setupConsole.exe (recommended) or setup.exe.
      Warning!  In Windows, SAP recommends that you use setupConsole.exe, which runs in the foreground when you perform a silent installation. setup.exe runs in the background, giving you the impression that the installation has terminated, and results in additional installation attempts using the silent installation. Multiple installations at the same time may corrupt the Windows Registry and lead to a failure to restart the operating system.
    2. Select Run as Administrator.
  3. To install in silent mode:


    setupConsole.exe –f <responseFileName> -i silent


    setup.bin –f <responseFileName> -i silent

    where responseFileName is the full path and name of the file containing your installation options.

    Note: You must accept the Sybase software license when you install in silent mode. You can either:
    • Include this option in the command line argument:
    • Edit the response file to include:

    Except for the absence of the GUI or console screens, all actions of a silent installation are the same as the actions of GUI and console-mode installations. The results of a silent-mode installation are thus exactly the same as one done in GUI or console mode with the same responses.