Preparing to Roll Back from an Upgrade

SAP Control Center does not support downgrade. Back up your SCC installation directory so you can manually restore the previous release if necessary.

This procedure applies only to upgrades from SAP Control Center 3.3.x to later versions in the 3.3 series because these versions are installed into the same SCC-3_3 directory. If you are upgrading from SCC 3.2 or SCC 3.1, you do not need to prepare to roll back—just keep your old installation directory and continue to run SCC from it. Avoid running the new and old versions of SCC simultaneously unless you have assigned them different ports.

  1. Copy the SCC installation directory for the older version (SCC-3_3, SCC-3_2, or SCC-3_1) to a location outside the parent Sybase or sap directory.
  2. Install the new version of SCC and perform the upgrade procedure as described elsewhere in this guide.
  3. Follow these steps if, after performing the upgrade, you need to roll back:
    1. Uninstall the new version of SCC—see Uninstalling.
    2. To reset environment variables, run the SCC installer for the version you are rolling back to. Any configuration you enter in the installer will be overwritten when you restore your old installation directory. Do not start SCC from the installer.
    3. Copy the backed-up installation directory to its original location in the file system.