Installation Considerations

To avoid problems, consider hardware requirements, limits on monitoring, and the security of your network when you plan your SAP Control Center deployment.


Before you deploy SAP Control Center, consider the number of servers that SCC will monitor. An SCC server can monitor up to 250 resources. (The number of resources one SCC server can effectively monitor depends on the complexity of the monitored resources, the frequency of data collection, the number of concurrent SCC users, and the hardware configuration of the host on which SCC is running.) To monitor more than 250 resources, install additional SCC servers and distribute the resources among them. The monitoring limit applies whether you install SCC on the same machine as a managed server or on a dedicated machine.

Also consider where to install SAP Control Center. SCC may collect and store performance data for every server it monitors. Because data collection can use significant quantities of CPU cycles, disk space, and network resources, SCC can affect the performance of other servers sharing the same host machine. Consequently, Sybase recommends that you plan carefully before installing an SCC server on the same host as a managed server in a production environment.

In these situations, however, combined installations of SCC and a managed server can provide adequate performance:
  • Testing, evaluation, and proof of concept projects
  • Scenarios where use of SCC is very light
  • When the host machine’s resources meet or exceed the combined requirements of SCC and the managed server

If you install SCC on the same machine as a managed server, consult the system requirements for both SCC and the managed server and make sure that the host machine provides ample CPU, RAM, disk, and network resources for both products. The resources required by a single managed server vary a great deal based on the server’s configuration, as do the resources required by SCC. In general, SCC uses more resources to manage more complex servers. SCC also uses more resources when it is configured to run more frequent data collections.

If you install SAP Control Center and a managed server on the same machine and later need help to separate them, contact Sybase technical support for assistance.


SAP Control Center uses encryption when it communicates with managed servers. However, SAP recommends that you run SCC in a secure network environment.