Using undo_fix_stats

To revert fixed missing statistics, use the undo_fix_stats action. undo_fix_stats deletes the statistics that are specified in an XML file whose missing counts are equal to, or exceed, the number specified by the -m option.

For example:

QPTune -A undo_fix_stats -m 1 -i missingstats.xml 
        -v -S my_host:4816/my_database
Executing : QPTune -U sa -P [unshown] -S jdbc:sybase:Tds:my_host:4816/my_database -A undo_fix_stats -M allrows_dss -T 0 -i missingstats.xml -o metrics.xml -f null -c config.xml -l 5 -e elap_avg -d 5,5 -m 1 -n null -v
You are now connected to database: my_database
Fix statistics on "Fri Sep 26 10:20:23 PDT 2008"
Details of statements(s) fixed:
Fixed statistics:[Delete] Y(y4,y2)
[INFO] Fix Statement = delete statistics Y(y4,y2)
Fixed statistics:[Delete] Y(y3)
[INFO] Fix Statement = delete statistics Y(y3)
Fixed statistics:[Delete] Y(y2,y1)
[INFO] Fix Statement = delete statistics Y(y2,y1)
Fixed statistics:[Delete] Y(y1)
[INFO] Fix Statement = delete statistics Y(y1)
----- QPTune finished executing. ------