Custom start

If you are applying custom rules to specified queries, use:

QPTune -S host:port/database -A start -M custom_1 
        -i input.xml -l 3 [-v]

Use the -M option to indicate a custom mode. A custom mode is a group of special rules that are specified in the configuration file under the <mode> section. Rules are Adaptive Server 15.0 optimization criteria that are applicable at the query level using abstract query plans.

The example above uses a custom mode called custom_1 which may be a combination of rules such as:

Use the -i option to indicate an input XML file which has been generated by QPTune while applying a standard goal setting during the collect phase. A number of collected metrics files may be compared to generate a file with the best goal settings. The input file contains SQL text for the queries.

Use the -l option along with the -i option to indicate the number of queries that should be applied with these special rules. The queries are counted from the start of the file. The default value of the -l option is 0, which implies that all queries in the input file are applied.