Direct Load Materialization

Use direct load materialization to materialize data between different kinds of primary databases and HANA DB.

Direct load materialization can be used to materialize data:
Note: Direct load materialization is not supported for materializing data into an Adaptive Server database.
Direct load materialization is enabled through the direct_load option of the create subscription command. When using direct load materialization, note these restrictions for create subscription:
  • When the direct_load option is used, no other subscription can be created or defined at the same time for the same replicate table.
  • The direct_load option is for subscriptions to table replication definitions only and is used with without holdlock. It cannot be used with the without materialization or incrementally options.
  • The user and password options are used only with direct_load.
  • You cannot use the direct_load option against a logical or alternate connection. The primary connection in the replication definition and the replicate connection in the subscription must be physical connections.
  • The maintenance user of the primary database cannot be used in the user and password options to create subscriptions.
  • You cannot use other automatic materialization methods if the primary database is not Adaptive Server. The only automatic materialization option for Oracle or other databases is direct load materialization. You cannot drop a subscription with the with purge option if the replicate database is not Adaptive Server.
  • The direct_load option is available only if the replicate Replication Server site version and route version are 1571100 or later.
  • You can use row filtering, name mapping, customized function strings and datatype mapping with subscriptions created using the direct_load option.
  • Replication Server rejects any attempt to create a subscription with the direct_load option if the number of subscriptions being created has reached or exceeded num_concurrent_subs.

Primary Database Considerations

  • In directly materializing data from a primary database, Replication Server connects to Replication Agent for non-Adaptive Server databases, and directly to the primary database for Adaptive Server.
  • You must have Replication Agent version 15.7.1 SP100 or later to materialize data from a non-Adaptive Server primary database using direct load materialization.
  • When invoking the create subscription command, Replication Server connects to Replication Agent using the Replication Agent administrator login name.