Overview of Version 16.0

SAP® Adaptive Server® Enterprise version 16.0 is a major release and includes key enhancements in scale-up and performance, managing large data sizes, increased data availability, security and auditing, and ease of management and maintenance. 

Feature Description
Scalability and Performance Features  
Linear scale-up Supports linear scale-up to 64 cores
Dynamic thread support Execute parallel query plans faster and with fewer resources
Index compression More efficient data storage, reduced memory consumption, and improved performance due to lower I/O demands.
Support for multiple triggers Create multiple triggers, as well as specify the order in which triggers fire after statement execution
Partition locks Increases data availability by providing locking to a finer granularity, which allows you to access additional partitions for concurrent DDL and DML statements.
Configuration History Tracking Use the sp_confighistory system procedure to track changes to the server configuration
Threshold-based event monitoring table Configure, record, and list threshold events
Extend execution time monitoring The monThresholdEvent monitoring table includes one row for each event recorded by SAP ASE.
monCachedStatement updates Updates the metrics for selected columns approximately every 5 seconds for completed and in-process queries
Installer enhancements Specify the user for the SAP ASE process
Raise database limits Increases some column and table restrictions
create or replace commands Create a new object, or replace an existing object with the same name.
Security and Auditing Features  
Encrypt entire database Encrypt the full database.
Remove Residual Data Mark data as sensitive, and configure SAP ASE to erase residual data from disk after delete or update operations.
Full text audit Full-text audit information for these commands:
  • select
  • insert
  • delete
  • update
  • select into
Interoperability with HANA  
CIS support for HANA Adds the native ODBC interface to the Component Integration Services (CIS) so you can connect directly to a HANA server from SAP ASE
SCC Features  
Schedule database and transaction backups Schedule database and transaction backups
Compression advisor Identifies tables that can benefit from compression, and obtains compression estimates and recommendations.
System configuration limit alerts Configure alerts to fire when certain resources exceed a configured threshold.
Scalability Manage up to 250 servers.
Tool Support  
sybrestore enhancements Restore an SAP ASE server after a master database corruption. New parameters for interactive and noninteractive modes.