Contains one row for each configuration change event. ch_events is located in the sysmgmtdb database.

ch_events is a view based on the extrainfo columns. You must have the mon_role to view ch_events.


The columns for ch_events are:

Name Datatype Description
area varchar(10)not null Area in which the event occurs. One of:
  • server – server-level events.
  • database – database-level events.
  • cache – cache-level events.
  • traceflagdbcc traceflag and set switch events.
  • SUSD – for startup/shutdown.
  • audit – auditing state changes.
type varchar(30)not null Type of auditable event. One of:
  • sp_configure
  • sp_serveroption
  • sp_dboption
  • sp_cacheconfig
  • sp_poolconfig
  • create thread pool
  • alter thread pool
  • drop thread pool
  • dbcc traceflag
  • set switch
  • configuration file change
  • startup
  • shutdown
  • shutdown with wait
  • shutdown with nowait
  • abrupt shutdown
  • global auditing
  • config history auditing
target varchar(30) null Name of the objects to which the change applies.
element varchar(255) null Configuration parameter or other option name.
oldvalue varchar(255) null Value of event prior to change.
newvalue varchar(255) null Value of event after change.
mode varchar(10) null Status for configuration parameters: static or dynamic.
timestamp datetime not null Date and time the event takes place. For changes to the configuration file and abrupt shutdowns, timestamp indicates the time the event was detected, not when the event took place.
username varchar(30) null Name of the user who made the change. Set to null for:
  • Startup
  • Configuration file change
  • Abrupt shutdown
instanceid tinyint null (Cluster Edition only) ID of the instance.