The monThresholdEvent monitoring table includes one row for each event recorded by SAP ASE.

Enable the allow resource limits configuration parameter to enable resource limits collection. Enable the enable monitoring, threshold event monitoring, and set threshold event max messages configuration parameters for this monitoring table to collect data.

monThresholdEvent is a stateful historical monitoring table (see the Performance and Tuning Guide: Monitoring Tables). Determine the number of events monThresholdEvent stores with the threshold event max messages configuration parameter.


Name Datatype Attribute Description
SPID int4   Server process ID.
InstanceID int1   ID of the instance within the cluster..
KPID int4   SAP ASE kernel process ID.
KTID int4   ID of the kernel task.
ServerUserID int4   Server user identifier (SUID) of the user who executed this SQL text. The ServerUserID matches the value in syslogins.suid. Use the suser_name function to obtain the corresponding name.
FamilyID int4 NULL spid of the parent process.
Login varchar(30) NULL Login user name.
Application varchar(30) NULL Application name.
HostName varchar(30) NULL Client host name.
ClientName varchar(30) NULL Client name set with set clientname.
ClientHostName varchar(30) NULL Value of the clienthostname property set by the application.
ClientApplName varchar(30) NULL Value of the clientapplname property set by the application.
ClientIP varchar(64) NULL IP address of the client.
Command varchar(30) NULL Category of process or command the process is currently executing.
DBID int4   Unique identifier for the database currently being used by the process.
DBName int4 NULL Name of the database running the process.
ProcedureID int4   Unique identifier for the procedure.
BatchID int4   Unique identifier for the SQL batch containing the statement being executed.
LineNumber int4   Line number of the current statement within the SQL batch.
BlockingSPID int4 NULL Session process identifier of the process holding the lock this process requested, if waiting for a lock.
TempDbObjects int4 Counter Total number of temporary tables created by the process.
RangeID int2   Range ID of the limit.
LimitType varchar(30)   Limit type.
LimitID int2   Limit identifier.
LimitValue int4   Value of the limit that was voilated.
Enforced int1   Determines if the limit is enforced prior to, or during, query execution.
Action int1   Action to perform when the limit is exceeded.
Scope int1   Scope of the limit.
ReportDatetime datetime   Date and time the report was issued due to the limit violation.
SQLText varchar(255)   SQL text of the event.