Monitoring Threshold-Based Events

SAP ASE versions 16.0 and later include the ability to configure, record, and list threshold events.

To configure the amount of time a query spends using CPU, use the sp_add_resource_limit cpu_time limit type.

To record events to the monThresholdEvent table, set the sp_add_resource_limit action parameter to 5 (see the Reference Manual: Procedures).

The syntax is:
 sp_add_resource_limit name, appname, rangename, limittype, limitvalue [, enforced [, action [, scope ]]]
In this example, SAP ASE issues a warning when the CPU time of the query batch takes longer than 120 seconds to execute, and records the events to monThresholdEvent:
sp_add_resource_limit NULL, payroll, tu_wed_7_10,cpu_time, 120, 2, 5, 2
monThresholdEvent lets you record all violations for configured resource limitations, and allows you to determine the thresholds for: