DECFLOAT Datatype Compatibility

Replication Agent for UDB supports the replication of the DECFLOAT datatype. Both 16 and 34 digits of precision are supported.

When Replication Agent for UDB replicates DECFLOAT columns from the DB2 primary to replicate databases that do not support the DECFLOAT type or an equivalent type, Replication Agent maps the DECFLOAT type to the FLOAT type. Consequently, some loss of precision may result.

In addition to a number value, a DECFLOAT column may contain special values that are not supported by Replication Agent, such as positive and negative INFINITY, NAN, and SNAN. Replication of these values is not supported. In these cases, Replication Agent replicates special values to NULL, if the column is nullable, or to '0.0' if the column is not nullable.