Replication Agent Objects in the Oracle Primary Database

Replication Agent creates objects in the primary database to assist with replication tasks.

The Replication Agent objects are created by invoking the ra_admin command with the init keyword. When you invoke this command, Replication Agent generates a SQL script that contains the SQL statements for the objects created or modified in the primary database. This script is stored in the partinit.sql file in the RAX-15_5\inst_name\scripts\xlog directory. You must create these objects before marking any primary database objects for replication.

Note: The generated scripts are for informational purposes only. You cannot run them manually to initialize the primary database or Replication Agent. This is also true for the procedure marking and unmarking scripts that are generated when you use pdb_setrepproc. Scripts are no longer generated when marking and unmarking tables with pdb_setreptable.

See the Replication Agent Administration Guide.