Setting Up a Sybase IQ Database

Creating an IQ database is part of a larger setup process that begins with installation and ends when your database is available to users.

  1. Install and configure Sybase IQ.

    This step installs the client and server environment and the iqdemo database. See the Installation and Configuration Guide for your platform for details.

  2. Create an IQ database.

    This step creates both the IQ store and the catalog store. You may use Sybase Central, the SQL statement CREATE DATABASE, or the iqinit utility.

  3. Create the tables in your IQ database.

    Use the CREATE TABLE statement or the Sybase Central Create Table wizard.

  4. Create indexes for the tables.

    Use the CREATE INDEX statement or the Sybase Central Create Index wizard. You can also create certain indexes automatically when you create your tables.

  5. Load data into the tables.

    Use the LOAD TABLE statement to bulk load data from files, or use the INSERT statement to extract rows of data from an existing database.