Partitioning rows among remote databases

Each MobiLink remote database can contain a different subset of the data in the consolidated database. This means that you can write your synchronization scripts so that data is partitioned among remote databases.

The partitioning can be disjoint, or it can contain overlaps. For example, if each employee has their own set of customers, with no shared customers, the partitioning is disjoint. If there are shared customers who appear in more than one remote database, the partitioning contains overlaps.

Partitioning is implemented in the download_cursor and download_delete_cursor scripts for the table, which define the rows to be downloaded to the remote database. Each of these scripts takes a MobiLink user name as a parameter. By defining your scripts using this parameter in the WHERE clause, each user gets the appropriate rows.

Disjoint partitioning
Partitioning with overlaps
Partitioning foreign key tables