Last download times in scripts

The last download timestamp is provided as a parameter to many MobiLink events. The last download timestamp is the value obtained from the consolidated database during the last successful synchronization immediately before the download phase. If the current MobiLink user has never synchronized, or has never synchronized successfully, this value is set to 1900-01-01.

If you have multiple publications and have synchronized them at different times, then you can have several different last download timestamps. For this reason, there are two script parameter names for last download timestamps:

  • last_table_download   is the last download timestamp for the current table being synchronized.

  • last_download   is the last time all tables were synchronized. It is the earliest last_table_download value for any table being synchronized.

When you use question marks instead of named parameters in MobiLink scripts, the correct value is always used, based on the event. Using question marks in SQL scripts has been deprecated and it is recommended that you use named parameters.


The column holding the last modified information should not be synchronized. If your remote databases require such a column, a different column name should be used. Otherwise, the TIMESTAMP value may be overridden by the uploaded value, and would not contain the time that the row was last modified in the consolidated database.

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