sysadmin fast_route_upgrade


Updates the route version to the site version of the lower of the primary or replicate Replication Server.

Upgrading a route rematerializes the data in system tables and makes information associated with new features available to a newly upgraded Replication Server.

NoteUse sysadmin fast-route-upgrade only if the primary Replication Server has not used new features that require materialization.


sysadmin fast_route_upgrade, dest_replication_server



The destination Replication Server for the route.


Example 1

In these examples, the site version of TOKYO_RS is 1200. SYDNEY_RS has just been upgraded from 11.5 to 12.0; its site version is 1200.Issued at the source Replication Server (SYDNEY_RS) for the route terminating at the Tokyo Replication Server (TOKYO_RS), this command sets the version of the route to 12.0. New features have not yet been used at SYDNEY_RS:

sysadmin fast_route_upgrade, TOKYO_RS

Example 2

Issued at the source Replication Server (TOKYO_RS) for the route terminating at the Sydney Replication Server (SYDNEY_RS), this command is rejected since new features have been used at TOKYO_RS, and you must upgrade the route using Sybase Central’s Replication Manager plug-in:

 sysadmin fast_route_upgrade, SYDNEY_RS



sysadmin fast_route_upgrade requires “sa” permission.

See also

admin show_route_versions, admin show_site_version, sysadmin site_version