System requirements

You can install EAServer 6.2 as a new installation or as an upgrade to an EAServer 6.x installation. You can then migrate existing EAServer 5.x entities to EAServer 6.2. See the EAServer Migration Guide for instructions.

EAServer is supported on AIX 5L for version 5.3 on IBM pSeries.

The memory requirement for all installation types is 512MB. The disk space requirements provided are approximate; the actual disk space required varies depending on options selected, cluster size, hard disk size, and partitioning. The installation program verifies that you have enough disk space and displays an error message if you do not have enough space to install the selected products and features.

The installation program requires 170MB of temporary disk space. The disk space for the installed software depends on the install type:

Installation type

Minimum hard disk space



Client Runtime Only





Depends on features selected