SAP Business Suite Database Replication

Replication Server supports replication of an entire database or a list of tables from SAP Business Suite applications that are running on supported databases into SAP HANA database.

You can replicate an SAP Business Suite application running on any of these supported databases to SAP HANA database:
Note: SAP Replication Server does not support database-level materialization from heterogeneous primary databases.

Truncating Tables Using Replication Agent for Microsoft SQL Server:

The sp_SybTruncateTable stored procedure allows you to truncate tables marked for replication from SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) or any applications by overriding the Microsoft SQL Server limitation for truncation of tables.

When you issue sp_SybTruncateTable, the stored procedure turns off the replication flag for the marked tables temporarily, issues the truncate table command, and then turns on the replication flag.

An SAP ERP system that uses Replication Agent for Microsoft SQL Server for replication requires the latest patch of the SAP Kernel that contains the sp_SybTruncateTable stored procedure. The SAP ERP applications require the truncate table operations to replicate the marked tables.

See SAP Note 1972365 – Retry on error 4711: for the SAP Kernel download and installation instructions.

If you are setting up replication to the SAP HANA database for the first time, see the SAP Replication Server Quick Start Guide for SAP HANA Database for installing the replication components, and Replication Management Agent Configuration and Users Guide to set up the replication environment, identify tables for replication, and materialization.

To manually set up the replication environment using commands, see SAP Replication Server Quick Start Guide for SAP HANA Database.