System Requirements

Before installing Adaptive Server, ensure that your system is updated with the latest patches and system requirements. Do not use a patch that is earlier than the version suggested for your operating system. Use the patch recommended by the operating system vendor, even if it supersedes the patch listed.

To list all currently installed patches and display the operating system version level, enter:

HP-UX System Requirements

All HP-UX systems support SPX or TCP protocols. Platform system requirements:
  • HPIA64, Intel Architecture-64 Itanium – HP-UX 11.31
HP-UX memory requirements:
  • Processor – 64-bit
  • Minimum RAM for Adaptive Server – HPIA64: 116MB
  • Memory per user connection – with default stack size, packet size, and user log cache size:
    • HPIA64: Approximately 430KB
  • Default user stack size:
    • HPIA64: Approximately 143KB
HP-UX operating system patches:
  • HP Itanium
    • PHKL_38102
    • gzip
  • HP_UX 11.31
    • PHSS_37493
    • PHSS_36352
    • PHKL_37802
HP-UX 64-bit Itanium disk space requirements:
  • Adaptive Server typical installation – 1477MB
  • Default databases created during installation – 306MB
  • Total – 1627MB

Ensure that you have the required operating system patches for the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 6.

Information about the required operating system patches is available from the HP Web site about Java.