Increasing Default Database Sizes

You can use sp_helpdb or Sybase Central to determine the current size of the master, model, sybsystemprocs, and tempdb databases.

  1. In isql, use alter database to increase the size of the master database. For example:
    1> use master
    2> go
    1> alter database master on master=x
    2> go

    This example increases the size of the master database; x is the number of megabytes of space added to the existing database size.

  2. Repeat this step to increase the size of each of the tempdb and the model databases. For example:
    1> alter database tempdb on master=x
    2> go
    1> alter database model on master=x
    2> go

    The model database cannot be larger than the tempdb. If your changes would cause the model database to be larger than the tempdb, then you must first increase the size of tempdb, before increasing the size of the model database.

  3. Verify the size of each database. Enter the following, where database_name is the name of the system database you are checking:
    sp_helpdb database_name
  4. Use sp_configure to update the values as indicated by the preupgrade utility. In this example "x" is the number suggested by the preupgrade utility.
    1> sp_configure "number of locks", x
    2> go