Installing ODBC Drivers

The Sybase IQ 32-bit ODBC driver is installed as part of the Network Client.

Installing Sybase IQ on a UNIX or Linux server also installs an ODBC driver that applications directly access.

Application Linking

If you use an ODBC application that uses ( or (, you can create symbolic links to that point to $IQDIR15/lib64/ for single-threaded or $IQDIR15/lib64/ for multi-threaded applications.

If you are creating an ODBC application, you can link directly to for non–threaded applications and for threaded applications. References to ODBC functions are resolved at run-time. The so suffix shown is specific to the Solaris system.

32-bit and 64-bit Drivers

UNIX 64-bit applications, including many third-party tools, can use 64-bit ODBC drivers to connect to 64-bit IQ servers. 32-bit applications can use 32-bit ODBC drivers to connect to 64-bit IQ servers. (32-bit applications cannot use 64-bit ODBC drivers to connect to 64-bit IQ servers.)

The Sybase IQ Network Client CD supplied with all platforms contains an ODBC driver for connecting from Windows-based ODBC applications. To connect via ODBC from 32-bit UNIX client applications, download and install the 32-bit ODBC driver kit. Check the EBF/Update information for the appropriate driver.

Supported ODBC Drivers

For a list of ODBC drivers for supported UNIX-like platforms, see “Linking ODBC applications on Unix” in SQL Anywhere Server - Programming > SQL Anywhere Data Access APIs > SQL Anywhere ODBC API > Building ODBC applications >Linking ODBC applications on Unix .

Note: Sybase IQ does not support the Mac OS X platform.
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