Login failure

Adaptive Server must successfully authenticate a user before he or she can access data in Adaptive Server. If the authentication attempt fails, Adaptive Server returns the following message and the network connection is terminated:

isql -U bob -P badpass
Msg 4002, Level 14, State 1:
Login failed.
ct_connect(): protocol specific layer: external error:
The attempt to connect to the server failed

This message is a generic login failure message that does not tell the connecting user whether the failure resulted from a bad user name or a bad password.

Although the client sees a generic message for a login failure to avoid giving information to a malicious user, the system administrator may find the reason for the failure to be important to help detect intrusion attempts and diagnose user authentication problems.

Adaptive Server provides the reason for the login failure in the Errornumber.Severity.State of the Other Information section of sysaudits.extrainfo column. Login failure audits have event number 45 and eventmod 2.

Set the sp_audit login parameter to on or fail to enable auditing for login failure:

sp_audit "login", "all", "all", "fail"
sp_audit "login", "all", "all", "on"

See “Auditing login failures.”